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6th Grade Social Studies I.S.N.
Mrs. Martin

                I.S.N. pg.
* denotes additional (not required) work

1.  Title Page
2.  How Do We Learn About The Past?
3.  Summer is History!
4. Geography and Prehistory Title Page
5. Themes of Geography and Prehistory Activity List
6.  Five Themes of Geography Foldable
7.  Location Writing Prompt
8. Location Notes
9. Skeleton Finds
10. Movement Writing Prompt
11. Movement Notes
12. People Migrate Across the Earth (HA)
13. Old Stone Age Notes
14. Go Climb A Tree*
15. The Spelling Bee*
16. The Dream Team*
17. Location, Movement & Old Stone Age Practice Quiz
18.  Themes of Geography and Prehistory Activity List #2
19. Place Notes
20. Physical Features Flashcards
21. Create-A-Continent
22. Create-A-Continent Planning

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