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6th Grade Social Studies I.S.N.
Mrs. Martin

                I.S.N. pg.
* denotes additional (not required) work

1.  Title Page
2.  Social Studies I.S.N. Study Techniques
3. The Meaning of History
4.  How Do We Learn About The Past?
5.  Summer is History!
6. Geography and Prehistory Title Page
7.  Five Themes of Geography Foldable
8. Geography and Prehistory Activity List
9.  Location Writing Prompt
10. Location Notes
11. Skeleton Finds
12. Movement Writing Prompt
13. Movement Notes
14. People Migrate Across the Earth (HA)
15. Old Stone Age Notes
16. Go Climb A Tree*
17. The Spelling Bee*
18. The Dream Team*
19. Study Strategies
20. Planning For Our Quiz
21. Things You Should Be Able To Do: Geography and Prehistory- Location and Movement
22. Practice Quiz
23. Reviewing Our Quiz
24. Geography & Prehistory Activity List 2: Place, Human Environmental Interaction & Region
25. Place Writing Prompt
26. Physical Features Flashcards
27. Create A Continent Rubric
28. Create A Continent Rough Draft
29. Human Environment Interaction
30. The New Stone Age
31. The Amazing Adventures of Neolithic Nick & Nel
32. Agriculture and Early Settlements (HA)
33. Region Activity
34. Before We Ruled The Earth Notesheet
35. Stone Age Changes Chart
36. Culture and Fertile Crescent Title Page
37. Eight Traits of Culture
38. Fertile Crescent Graphic Organizer
39. Fertile Crescent and Geography Writing Prompt
40. Fertile Crescent Map Activity
41. Ancient Fertile Crescent Civilizations Timeline
42. Clash of Culture Champions Task Statement
43. Power Rankings Pocket
44. Culture and Fertile Crescent Activity List #1
45. Social Groups
46. Daily Life
47. Language
48. Social Groups in Ancient Sumer
49. Social Groups in Ancient Egypt
50. Daily Life in Ancient Sumer
51. Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
52. Writing in the Fertile Crescent
53. Cuneiform and Hieroglyphics*
54. Culture Example Wall*

MLK Exploration:

1. Social Studies Activity List
2. Travel Through Time
3. Let Freedom Ring
4. MLK Timeline
5. MLK Traits of Culture

55. Art
56. Religion
57. Art in Mesopotamia
58. Art in Ancient Egypt
59. Fertile Crescent Religion Venn Diagram
60. History and Assurbanipal
61. Cartouche*
62. Economy
63. Economy in Ancient Mesopotamia
64. Economy in Ancient Egypt
65. Phoenician Trade
66. Supply and Demand Foldable
67. Government
68. A New Set of Laws
69. Hammurabi's Code
70. Ancient Sumer Cultural Close-Up
71. Ancient Egypt Cultural Close-Up
72. Pyramids and Tombs Cultural Close-Up
73. Priests and Mummies Cultural Close-Up
74. Garfield Graduation/ 8 Traits of Culture
75. India Title Page
76. India's Geography
77. Ancient Indian Civilizations and Events
78. India Timeline Questions
79.  Indus Cities and Aryan Migration Activity List
80. Indus Valley Cities Foldable
81. Aryan Migration Foldable
82. Early Indian Civilizations
83. Unlocking the Secrets of Monhenjo-Daro OR The History of Ancient India
84. Ancient India and the Spread of Hinduism OR India's Caste System
85. Recommendations for the Rajah Task Statement
86. Recommendations for the Rajah Pamphlet
87. Recommendations for the Rajah Planning Sheet
88. Recommendations for the Rajah Scoring Sheet
89. Hinduism and Buddhism Activity List
90. Hinduism Notes
91. Origins of Hinduism
92. Hinduism
93. Buddhism Notes
94. Buddhism
95. Buddhism
96. Ancient India and the Spread of Buddhism Historical Atlas Activity
97. Mauryan and Gupta Activity List
98. Mauryan and Gupta Overview
99. Mauryan Empire
100. The Mauryan Empire
101. Ashoka's Edicts
102. Gupta Empire
103. Gupta Empire & Its Achievements
104. Mauryan Video Review
105. Indian Achievements



1. I.S.N. Title Page
2. Ancient China Title Page
3. North China Plain vs. Chang Jiang Basin
4. Reasons People Settled Near the Huang He
5. Foods of Ancient China
6. Why Was The Great Wall Built?
7. Ancient China's Geography Study Guide
8. Governments of Ancient China
9. Dynastic Rule in China
10. Civilization in Ancient China
11. Dynasties of Ancient China
12. Ancient China and Ancestor Worship
13. Writing in Ancient China
14. Confucius and Daoism
15. Buddhism to China
16. From Dynasty to Destiny Questions
17. British Museum Site on Ancient China
18. Ancient China's Culture Study Guide
19. Cultures and Trade In and Around Asia
20. Standardizing the Culture Questions
21. Contributions to the World Questions
22. Chinese Inventions Questions

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